IT Audit & Consultancy

Constant evaluation and continuous improvement should be the priorities of your business. And when it comes to IT infrastructure, we have the right mix of IT specialists, consultants, and resources to help you.


you must meet certain standards that impose technology systems or IT procedures


an IT system is not operating optimally and you do not clearly know the cause and how to remedy the problem

IT Strategy & Direction

IT is complicated, and offers a multitude of approaches. We've seen them all and can show you all the relevant implications


The need for compliance can influence IT systems and processes:

For essential service providers By the NIS law (Law 362/2018 on ensuring a high common level of security of networks and information systems).

For electronic archiving projects, By Law 135/2007 and Ministerial Order 489/2009 regulating this activity.

For obtaining ISO27001 certification there are certain security requirements verified by auditors.

For special sectors such as TISAX for automotive or HIPAA/HITRUST for the medical field, regulations impose certain strict and clear approaches for data protection

you need

Our specialists can provide concrete solutions in each of the covered sectors. We are familiar with both perspectives, both as an auditor and as an audited entity, so we can act as a link between your own IT department and the auditor, understanding the verified elements well.


An application

is not working as it should?

Are you having performance issues

with systems or operating fluctuations?

Is it difficult to identify the cause of the problem

or the way to fix it?

We identify the exact source of the problem
and the methods of remedy

Not infrequently we were asked to prove to the communications provider that the problem is in area x, to the software architects that the indexing is not done properly or to those in the infrastructure that there is attenuation on the optical fiber. Variables exist.

But our senior specialists have an experience of 15-20 years in the industry, working with hundreds of projects, from different sectors of activity. They therefore have relevant expertise both through the diversity of architectures they have interacted with and through the level of technical specialization they have reached.

  • Should I go to the cloud or stay on-premise?
  • Should I adopt a hybrid solution?
  • Should I buy or rent?
  • What processes could I outsource and what to keep in-house?
  • Which security solution suits me better - from Cisco or from Fortinet?
  • What storage equipment should I buy?
  • How and with what do I backup so I can sleep peacefully at night?

IT Strategy & Direction

Your company needs to clarify and systematize a direction for IT development. At ITPS, we know how to define dilemmas correctly, to offer the right solution.

We cancel the risks of long-term inconsistent investments

Being equidistant from hardware and software suppliers, we can plan a safe route for you, which leads you as efficiently as possible to your company's objectives, avoiding bottlenecks or closed roads. We eliminate the risks of unnecessary or uninspired investments, of inappropriate purchases over 2-3 years or of insufficient technology, without the possibility of further development.